The strange case Lydia Fairchild began when she filed for government assistance, for herself and her children. A requirement for such a program is to prove you’re the parent of your children-a DNA test, like on Maury. Unlike many episodes of Maury, Lydia’s test came back saying she was not the mother.

Of her own children.

Either she was master kidnapper, and her life is an episode of Law & Order, or she’s a regular woman and the government was just as confused as she was. She had to literally give birth in front of a court representative to prove she was the mother.

Stunned, Lydia finally got to the bottom of this mama drama.

Lydia Fairchild is a Chimera. Not the one from mythology. It’s an actual genetic abnormality, and way weirder than some “part-animal-part-lady” creature.

You are made of one DNA blueprint, given you’re not a Chimera. Same DNA in every cell. A Chimera is a bit different. They have the two different sets of DNA coded into their cells . It’s like two people exist in one body, on the molecular level.

How to become a Chimera: Eat your twin. A Chimera is formed in womb, but at the cost of the other incubating individual. One fetus absorbs the other, taking with it the DNA. This accounts for the mutation.

So, Lydia Fairchild counts as two people. Your move, government. Know more.