Let me first say that this does not mean one should gobble plates of spicy tuna with slabs of the spicy, green paste. I’m pretty sure mercury and horseradish pepperiness is surefire recipe for a trip to the bathroom. The Japanese, however, have harnessed the pungent scent of wasabi to make smoke detectors for the deaf.

While this invention isn’t as groundbreaking as the PlayStation, it serves a better purpose than luring kids in to be technology addicted lazies. Just like a regular smoke detector, this one triggers when too much smoke is in the room. It emits wasabi steam that, in the words of Ron Burgundy, “Stings the nostrils.”

After conducting tests, studies showed that deaf people will arise from slumber within one to two minutes of the potent steam emission. Wasabi wasn’t the only scent that was tested. Banana, coconut, and tea tree oil were trumped by the wakeup power of wasabi. The wasabi scent probably clears out the sinuses while alerting people of smoke. So if your house is burning down, you’ll feel cleansed in the moment of sad realization. Know more.