Yes, yes, tis a thing. Every year England searches for the best and brightest liars in an effort to shower them with money and praise for their skills in deception. If this isn’t a way that entertainment encourages and applauds bad behavior, then I must be an idiot. I guess in the end everyone gets a nice laugh for being deceived while the winner’s spouse cries quietly in the corner.

World’s Biggest Liar, as the contest is so appropriately named, welcomes anyone from around the world who thinks he or she is a world-class fibber. It is based on the late Will Ritson, a pub owner from Wasdale, known for telling phenomenal “stories” that were – you guessed it – LIES.

Next year, England will be launching a competition to find the country’s biggest douchebag. Participants will be graded in the following areas: racism/sexism, lack of empathy, ability to boast, and sexual prowess used in conjunction with emotional distance. Women everywhere are signing up their exes… Know more.