“No key, no problem!”

It’s mind blowing that in this “smart phone era,” people are still using the same old padlock from way back when. You know it well, the kinds that’s lying around in a drawer because of its lost keys and forgotten combinations.

Apparently, FŪZ Designs was one step ahead on this one with the Noke, a Bluetooth controlled padlock. It’s pretty brilliant. You just have to have your phone on you, and it will open up; you wont even have to take it out. Yeah but, what if your phone dies? You can set an easy “tap code” just in case its not on or with you—easy peasy.

Of course, like everything else via smartphones, sharing your Noke’s “key” is a synch—just a few taps away and the other person will get it on his/her phone. You can share it for one time only, until further notice, or even set a schedule for when it can be shared; it’s all literally in your hands.

The design keeps up with the sleek “futuristic” look and is waterproof with changeable battery that lasts longer than a year. Plus for fellow bikers, Noke has a compatible custom bike chain and mount available for purchase. They seem to have thought of everything. Know more.