Well, the fact that there were gay cavemen makes perfect sense to me. I imagine that the era of beastly bipedals was similar to prison. People were prey to violence and had to fend for their lives. Let’s assume that a lot of time was spent in the cave. One thing must have led to another.

Archaeologists unearthed what they believe to be the oldest known gay caveman. The 5,000 year old remains were found in the Czech Republic in a burial position reserved for females. Apparently, those people took incredible care of funeral procedures and burying a man like a woman is an improbably theory. After studying humans for over 5,000 years, one might have learned that humans are bound to make mistakes.

Men used to be buried with weapons as well as food to accompany them to the other side. An oval container, often found in women’s graves from that time, was found at the feet of the skeleton in the Prague suburb. Another theory is that this was the first transsexual. He may very well have been gay because the same archaeologists found a woman in Prague buried with male related objects. First lesbian? I think so. Know more.