What is an island of bunnies good for besides curing general sadness? Well, it’s the perfect remedy for a dark WWII history of chemical weaponry development. But Japan hasn’t forgotten its WWII involvement; rather, there is a Poison Gas Museum, which evokes depressing feelings that can be fixed by a quick jaunt around the island of Okunoshima.

The origin of the hippity-hoppity creatures remains a mystery. Perhaps the furry residents are intertwined with the manufacturing of chemical weapons. From 1929-1945, Japan developed over 6,000 tons of poison gas in secrecy on Okunoshima because of its discreet location in the east Sea of Japan. The poison had to be tested on something, so a small colony of rabbits was victims of poison gas trials.

If the all the rabbits weren’t killed by the poison gas they procreate rather quickly. Incest isn’t a concern in that species. A colony of rabbits is like a giant orgy, but they keep those activities for private time. That behavior isn’t permissible for pictures where Japanese girls throw peace signs and smiles. Know more.