If you get freaked out when a spider scurries across your floor, wait until you see what this newly discovered species of arachnid can do. Moving at a whopping two meters per second, this desert dwelling spider cartwheels to get up and boogie. By cartwheeling, the spider can move twice as fast as its walking speed. This allows it to get away from predators or threatening situations.

Additionally, this spider builds tubular structures out of its silk to protect itself from predators and the intense sun. Not only is this spider a gymnast, but it is also an architect.

The man who discovered the spider, Ingo Rechenberg, was so ecstatic about the spider’s movements that he designed a robot that propels itself like the spider’s cartwheels. He believes that this movement will be perfect for exploring the bottom of the ocean or even Mars. It looks like thanks are in order to the little guy. Cartwheel away, oh cartwheeling one. Know more.