Sorry to bum you out, Trekkies, but the US government shot down a petition to build a Death Star in space. Wait, I’m thinking of the wrong following. Star Wars fans will be truly disappointed that Obama doesn’t want a battle station equipped with a superlaser. Maybe Mr. President is looking out for us. I mean, the guy already got us out of a war, and he damn sure doesn’t want to start a space battle with the Russians. Are we trying to revert to the Kennedy presidency era?

I don’t understand why people are disappointed in Obama for not wanting a Death Star. The proposed cost was $850 quadrillion and bill signers wanted construction to begin by 2016. Maybe the fact that the US debt is nearing $18 trillion gave Obama cold feet. His force should not be questioned, though. Have you seen that guy sink a three pointer on the B-ball court? Like butter, I tell you.

Obama obviously has the force. A real Star Wars fan should know that the power of the force is far superior to that of the Death Star’s. Although the Death Star can blow up planets and star systems, the force has the power to destroy, or shoot down in this case, the Death Star. Know more.