The man who played Jaws in the James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker passed just passed away a few days shy of his 75th birthday (this month). Richard Kiel was 7 ft. 2 in tall because of acromegaly, a hormonal growth condition. Not only was he a victim of acromegaly, he also suffered from acrophobia (fear of heights). Because of this fear, all of the cable car shots in Moonraker had to be done by a stunt double because Kiel wasn’t getting on no moving train car.

In addition to his fear of heights, Kiel suffered from being a born again Christian. Well, that was his choice, but his faith actually helped him overcome his alcoholism. You can read about it in his autobiography Making It Big in the Big Movies.

Most of the people, who are not familiar with the Connery Bond and think Daniel Craig or Piers Brosnan is the only 007, probably know Kiel for his role in Happy Gilmore. In this Adam Sandler classic, Kiel is the tall, menacing guy with the nail sticking out of his head. Shooter McGavin has to hit a golf ball off his shoe at one point, and Kiel’s character then chases McGavin for the gold jacket that Sandler’s character won at the end of the film.

More recenlty, Kiel played the voice of Vlad in Tangled, Disney’s animated interpretation of Rapunzel. He was also set to appear in the upcoming comedy, The Engagement Ring, and I wonder how that’s going to work out now that he’s passed away.

A tall man falls hard and Kiel will be missed. Know more.