Although summer’s end is fast approaching, the heat persists day and night. I don’t prefer sleeping in my birthday suit, but it is naturally cooling. Some people feel vulnerable or a sense of discomfort when sleeping in the nude. If that about sums you up, get some high thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets and then try sleeping naked. It’s life changing.

Not only is sleeping naked comfortable, but it also improves skin health. While freed from the constraints of clothing, your skin breathes easier, which is especially beneficial to those with body acne. If disappearing acne doesn’t recharge your confidence, then sleeping in the nude will. It’s truly a self-esteem boost and, in turn, can improve your romantic relationship, provided you have one. By sharing skin-to-skin contact, the hormone oxytocin is released, which counteracts depression, stress, and reduces blood pressure and intestinal inflammation.

I’ve already told you some great benefits of sleeping naked, but wait, there’s more. Sleeping clothed inhibits your body from cooling and releasing proper growth hormones that repair skin damage. The skin cools and repairs itself faster without the confines of clothing, which means that you will look younger for longer if you sleep naked. Know more.