Hawaii is a magical place. Trust me, I grew up there, but it has its dangers just like anywhere else. My friend and I went to Sandy Beach, a pounding beach break famous for bodysurfing. Back when I called the islands home, I visited these coastal rocks when they ate a sixteen-year-old kid. True story.

These rocks have  blowhole that shoots water up over fifty feet in the air every few minutes. When waves rush in and get funneled through the rocks and the water gets pushed out of the opening, the blowhole, in a geyser-like fashion. Like a straw, the blowhole sucks air in from its topside with the receding tide.

A dumbass teenage tourist was trying to impress his girlfriend by standing over the blowhole. Did he impress her when the water receded, creating a suction effect that sucked him into the death trap below? I’m sure he didn’t set out to die, but what else did he expect? I wasn’t looking at the kid the exact moment this happened, but my friend actually watched the guy disappear into the rocks. One second, he was there. The next, he wasn’t.

His family tried to sue the state of Hawaii for not properly marking the severe danger of the blowhole. If they had any common sense, they would’ve read the signs above the blowhole in the parking lot that read “Caution: Dangerous Area Below.” Obviously the state didn’t account for those with lower IQs or men with sexual insecurities.

Since the teen’s death ten years ago, nobody has died at the blowhole. Know more.