All good things must come to an end, and if they invariably do not, then they change. Such is the ebb and flow of life. Life is divine chaos. Men and women can grow weary of the day to day grind and drudgery of modern day society. What better way to refresh and bring vigor to our spirits and our day to day lives than by getting away for a week long trip to the desert with… 70,000 strangers?

Burning Man is a week long festival that takes place in one of the most uninhabitable places on planet Earth, the Nevada desert or Black Rock City to be precise. One week out of the year, every year, festival goers conduct the ever changing and ever evolving experiment that is Burning Man. A festival supposedly founded on the principles of leaving no trace behind, self-reliance and radical inclusion. At Burning Man money is not used, instead you gift and exchange gifts or goods. Art is celebrated, from fanciful sculptures, elaborate temples, music, to automobiles converted into art on wheels or “Art Cars”. Such is the spirit of Burning Man.

It used to be the party founded on such principles, but now a crop of wealthy business executives from Silicon Valley and other successful tech start- ups have managed to make Burning Man their yearly retreat. Let’s be honest, tickets cost nearly 400 dollars a pop, not to mention that you are required to provide for yourself a week worth of supplies. Add the art or commodities you bring to the playa that are supposed to add to the spirit of Burning Man, and you are a looking at a very expensive retreat. Veteran burners have voiced their discontent of the Silicon Valley executives flaunting their huge RV buses with air conditioning, refrigerators filled with champagne, and paid servants. This goes against the very principle of radical inclusion, which is that the community at large should accept each other despite their differences (it doesn’t help that these rich executives host private parties on the playa).

Mark Zuckerberg, Google executives, and other rich moguls are now ingrained into the fabric of Burning Man. Long time veteran burners will have to get use to the gigantic RVs, private parties, and increasing exposure of their beloved party. Such is the nature of things, something relatively small and original only grows with time. Now, burners will have to adjust to the changes inside their beloved Black Rock City. Know more.