This post is in no way intended to degrade or otherwise discount any religious beliefs.

But-and hold on to your rosaries folks-The Pope used to 86 people from Argentinas hottest nightclubs. Obligatory Stefon shout-out.

Pope Francis, back when he was Jorge Mario Bergoglio, took many gigs-the Pontiff was also a janitor, and holds a degree in chemical engineering. He never told anyone stories of his days as a bar enforcer, just mentioned it casually in a speech he gave. Seriously, could you picture this guy, who willing wore a clown nose and smiles constantly, throwing out a bro who had too much of that Argentine wine?

He became a Jesuit, then won the Pope contest. Franny spends his time chilling out with the poor, talking about peace, and wearing lambs.

Long story short, he’s half Saint Peter-the bouncer of heaven-and half Archangel Michael-keeping the bad influences out. Know more.