When faced with a difficult decision about how to improve the immigration policy in the U.S., Obama turned to music for inspiration. Hey, that’s not a bad idea. He has made it public that he enjoys head-nodding to a good tune. I mean, I haven’t seen anybody else invitie Paul McCartney or Dave Grohl to sing “Band on the Run” at their house.

Getting inspiration from a living Beatle would have been too easy, though, so Obama searched for answers beyond the grave and landed on John Lennon. Listening to “Imagine” wasn’t the route Obama traveled, rather, he used Lennon’s 42-year-old deportation case to influence his immigration deportation policy.

Lennon enjoyed some hashish from time to time and got busted for possession in the London airport in 1968. The Nixon administration tried to deport Lennon for this minor crime, after he had already been living in America. In doing so, Lennon’s legal efforts exposed the Immigration and Naturalization Service for deciding who or who not to deport. Lennon won his case by getting a “non-priority” classification, which is how Obama spared many immigrants deportation.

Obama’s policy has deferred the deportation of more than 580,000 immigrants, who illegally entered the U.S. years ago. People who have been in America for a long time don’t deserve to be deported. They came to America for a better life, to escape violence, and create opportunity. Some people don’t believe these Honduran children are trying to enter the U.S. because of violence in their home country. How about those people go to Honduras and get a firsthand experience of what kind of place it is? Maybe they’ll have a change of heart. Know more.