Jonathon Novick is a dwarf/little person. Either term is acceptable, but if you refer to people with his genetic situation as midgets, he explains, “Not only is it incorrect, but it’s extremely offensive.” He moved to the Big Apple about a year ago and loved everything, save for the rude ass people. His size, unfortunately, was the reason for the onslaught of name calling, bullying, and rude speculation.

Novick reached a tipping point and had enough of the ridiculous, childlike behavior of New Yorkers. He isn’t a circus freak. He’s a goddamn human being. So Novick decided to show people what a day in the life is like for dwarf. He sneakily hid a button camera on his chest, giving him the best ass shots in the world, and walked around the city.

Children give him strange looks and ask, “What is he?” Adults would just stare, sometimes blatantly taking a photo within his frame of view. He’s a human you ill-educated, non-contributing parasite of society.

One southern gentleman tells him that he looks like the son from the show “Little People.” Very incorrect. Novick asks if the man has seen a lot of little people and the man replies that he’s from Oklahoma. I don’t know the demographic of folk in Oklahoma aside from inbred, but this man is clearly missing a few cards from the deck.

My favorite of all the things yelled at Novick is “Little midget! Big man, big penis.” I believe this man is basing his logic off of Mini Me from Austin Powers in Goldmember. Aside from the people slyly taking photos, as if a little person is a spectacle, New Yorkers seemingly treat Novick like he isn’t even a person. Know more.