Oh, Mozart – you saucy, little man, you. Everyone knows of Mozart as the classy fellow that composed all those famous and timeless pieces of music. However, little did I know that the prodigious composer also was a bit humorous and may have had some rebel quirks.

According to facts, Mozart titled one of his canons, “Lich Mich Im Arsch,” which translates literally to, “Lick me in the ass.” A more accurate translation would be the popular phrase, “Kiss my ass,” but I think ‘lick’ is so much dirtier!

Must be nice to be such a champion in a certain field that you can name one of your pieces something crude or irresponsible, and people fall all over themselves to praise it. Reminds me of celebrity babies and the terrible things their parents name them, like Kanye and Kim’s daughter, North West. Or Jermaine Jackson’s son, Jermajesty. Ya. JerMAJESTY. Here’s a tip, kids. When you get old enough, change your name to something respectable, and then send Mozart’s canon to your idiot parents. Know more.