It’s saddening that Monsanto ruined the island of Molokai in my home state of Hawaii. The biotech corporation that so many people have grown to hate came to Molokai promising jobs and prosperity for the island. Well, can you imagine that Monsanto fell through on its word?

Monsanto now owns 2,000 acres of beautiful island forest. There are “No Trespassing” signs and large fences that protect the coveted Bt corn crops, which get sprayed by guys in Hazmat suits. Since Molokai isn’t that big, the people surrounding these 2,000 acres are breathing in these harmful pesticides on a daily basis.

The state of Hawaii supports Monsanto’s actions! Maybe the winds have blown these toxins to the state senate building and altered logical thought in that place. Senators said that the pesticides were not dangerous to Hawaii or previous testing places. Tell that to the people in Argentina or India.

From the time Monsanto started poisoning Molokai’s paradise, people have been getting sicker, developing diseases like diabetes, asthma, and cancer. Considering that these are side effects of being exposed to the toxins, there’s nothing to misinterpret. What’s next? Infertility, miscarriages, or some other rogue result?

It’s no secret that Monsanto has ties to the Supreme Court and Washington D.C. Given this situation in Hawaii, it’s obvious that government is pro Monsanto/biotech industry. This poisonous tyrant needs to be stopped before more beautiful places like my home state get ruined. Know more.