Looks like the humans are finally taking a page out of the whale and dolphin manual.US military researchers are attempting to communicate underwater by concentrating laser light, which produces bubbles of steam that pop and create mini sonic booms. If the size of these explosions could be controlled, then this could lead to communication or acoustic imaging.

What is fascinating about focused laser beams is that they can focus themselves “when passing through some materials like water.” Different colors of light travel at varying speeds underwater, but inputting a multi-colored pulse could cure this.

This new means of communication, while interesting, seems a lot like Morse code. One popped bubble might mean yes and four may translate to what the weather is like, not that it matters underwater. I suppose that the military is attempting to be secretive because people can intercept signals from one submarine to another.

The only cool thing about this is the acoustic imaging. By using a moveable mirror, pulses could be directed into an orchestra of bubble pops, whose echoes could “give a detailed picture of underwater terrain.” Now that’s cutting edge. Know more.