**Attention Google employees:

Rent, schment! Make the Google office campus your new home. Google employees have access to on campus showers, gyms, food, and laundry facilities—so what’s stopping you from living at work? Make Google your home page NOW!**

Okay so maybe Google isn’t coming right out and saying it, but the campus is complete with so many perks for its employees that the company is all but asking for it.

According to a Quora thread, some Google employees decided to comply by living on campus for weeks, months, and even years at a time. One employee is said to have lived there for 2-3 years and saved enough rent money to buy a house. Sounds like a plan.

Google [X] UI programmer Ben Discoe lived on campus, too. At the time, he simultaneously had to pay alimony and a house payment, which left over little money for rent. For 13 months, Discoe slept in an $1800 tricked out 1990 GMC van with IKEA mattresses and curtains for blocking out the sun. Yup, that sounds like the innovative spirit Google wants to see from its employees.

$1800 “rent” for 13 months and no commute to work? Not bad in our book, but what about Google’s security? Discoe mentioned that security came by once, found out he was an employee, and never came back. What a life. (Don’t ask us about mid-night bathroom breaks, though)

Google: now accepting applications, homeless may apply. Know more.