The day has come. All those farts you saved up in jars are finally going to be worth something! When you first started collecting your farts, you thought it was a just a weird hobby. Unfortunately, that’s not how your last three wives felt… And, now, those biz-notches are going to eat humble pie because it turns out doctors in the Middle Ages thought it was downright genius.

During the Black Death, a plague that many thought was caused by unseen, deadly vapors, some European doctors thought that you could keep the plague at bay by releasing your own silent but deadly vapors. Anytime the plague was found to have infected someone nearby, nervous neighbors were urged to open up their fart jars and inhale the wonderful toxins.

Stories like this make me wonder if in 200 years (assuming the sun doesn’t blow up) we’re going to look back at our present medical practices and think the human race was just a bunch of idiots.

“Shannon, get this! In the early 2000s people used to inject substances into their faces to temporarily paralyze the muscles. They thought it looked good!”

Well, Shannon, let me clarify: fart jars aside, the only people who think botox looks good are the ones getting it – and quite frankly, ya, I’m a little concerned about their mental states. Maybe we outta bring fart jars back… We can say it cures menopause. We’ll make millions…. Muahaha. Know more.