A little bit of chocolate every day acts as a healthy dietary component. If you don’t want to believe me, trust the 127 year-old Mexican woman, who has lived through both World Wars, the moon landing, and the 80s. I don’t know why the 80s popped up on that list, but it did. Well, Reagan, cocaine, and AIDS were pretty tough to deal with at times, I guess.

Leandra Becerra is the oldest person to ever live. She was born in 1887. That’s just over twenty years after Lincoln was assassinated! Before the start of WWI, Becerra fought from 1910-1917 in “the Mexican Revolution as a leader of the ‘Adelitas’—a group of women who went with their husbands to battle.”

Her family says that her perpetual activity contributed to her longevity. She only just stopped sewing and weaving two years ago. She also sleeps for days at a time. The downside to her extensive life is that she has buried five children and several of her 20 grandchildren. As saddening as that is, she still has 73 great-grandchildren and 55 great-great-grandchildren to brighten her day. She must get a lot of birthday cards. The only card she doesn’t have is a birth certificate. She lost it 40 years ago and the Mexican authorities are trying to issue her a new one. Know more.