The Mouse vs. mau5 battle continues, and thanks to deadmau5’s active twitter, we all have a front seat.

The feud began when Disney claimed that deadmau5’s logo was too similar to the classic Mickey Mouse ears, so the company filed a report thwarting the artist’s attempt to get the U.S. trademark for his mouse helmet and logo, the mau5head. But according to his several tweets and Facebook posts on September 4, deadmau5 is not going to take this blow lying down. It turns out Disney has been infringing on a deadmua5 copyright this whole time!

Joel isn’t known to throw up a white flag in a feud, though he’s never been up against a titan like Disney. Still, he’s determined as ever to win.

His lawyers fired a C&D (cease-and-desist notice) back at Disney for their unlawful use of deadmau5’s track “Ghosts n’ Stuff” in one of their “Re-Micks” videos; thus, snapping a trap on Disney’s head. The producer/DJ posted the C&D letter directly to his Twitter feed, seen below.

Deadmau5’s logo is currently trademarked in over 30 countries, except, thanks to Disney, the U.S., and the mau5head has been used and known for over a decade now. It’s a mystery why Disney only seems to be bothered by it now, but Joel has a theory.

Whatever their reason, they stepped on the wrong mau5. Know more.