Nope, they didn’t just rob a 7 Eleven – they’re on their way to the beach!

I’m actually surprised something like this hasn’t caught on in the United States yet, considering the lengths we go to be beautiful. Maybe for the U.S. the crazy comes in with the whole laying in a cancer box to make our skin darker. Go Jersey Shore dark, or GO HOME!

In China, some women wear ski mask-like head wear to keep their faces from becoming tan. In COMPLETE opposition to the United States, tanning is actually avoided by some Chinese women, as a tan – or the lack of one – can signify class status. The poorer individuals are usually more tan because they are more likely to have jobs working in the fields, while those without tans are more likely to not have jobs – or, at least, to have cushy ones.

I know many men go to the beach to scope out the ladies, and one can only assume that ski masks might put a damper on the image for the voyeurs. However, what if you’re a little bit of a kinky voyeur? Maybe the whole ski mask thing is reminiscent of a bag-over-the-head fetish… See where I’m going with this? For some of those pervs, this might just be the dream come true they’ve been waiting for! I hear China’s very beach-ready this time of year… (wink wink) Know more.