Two new Apple products have been announced: The iPhone 6, and Apple iWatch. The luddites who own Microsoft products or-gasp!-Dells remain apathetic. However, the Apple-ites are pretty stoked. Well, the iWatch is a bit of a joke. Still, it’s FANCY! Pick yours up next year.

We”ve heard the stories about the lines that form in front of Apple stores the world over. Heck, people already lined up the week before the iPhone 6 was going to be sold!

Plus, talk to anyone who owns at least three Apple products, and they’ll preach it like it’s the Sunday before Revelations. Totally a hashtag “Why do I engage with this person?” situation.

At their core (Get it? Apple? Core?), the Apple minions are participating in a sociological concepts called Social Identity Theory and Self-Identity.

Social Identity Theory is based upon how a person interprets and defines themselves, based upon being a member of a group. Apple fans would be the group in this situation. The fans themselves flock to this group because they feel a sense of belonging. That belonging comes from the conformity of the group. If that makes sense. A better example would be how Dr. Who fangirls identify at being The Worst.

Now, Self-Identity is a way to help you answer the question, “Who am I?” Who you are, with the application of Self-Identity, is how you define yourself. For instance, an Apple fan could say, “I am technologically advanced” because they buy Apple (There’s a huge debate about that statement). Returning to the Dr. Who fangirls as a supplementary example, their Self-Identity could be “I am a person who believes Matt Smith would go for me.” Ok, time to stop with mocking fangirls…

If you were to strip those sociological concepts from the Apple fans, you’d get a bunch of really lost souls. Apple is love, Apple is life. Know more.