Of all the things I hold in high regards, rules are not one of them.-Frank Underwood.

This is basically politics. Sorta. Maybe. Frank Underwood is just Kevin Spacey playing Lex Luthor with hair and a southern accent. The true thing in this statement is that political animals are like wild animals: The claws come out when provoked.

Looking at both sides of the current political spectrum in The United States, scant few want to reach across the aisle and negotiate. One thing they all love, however, are cameras. CNN, Fox, The Daily Show, and so on.

You can now add Reality TV cameras to the list. Discovery Channel ones.

The storyline of the show is that Senator Jeff Flake (Republican, Arizona) and Senator Martin Heinrich (Democrat, New Mexico) get tossed on a deserted island, and must work together to survive. It’s called Rival Survival-get it? They have to survive, but they’re from different political parties!

One of the cool things about the show is that the senators weren’t getting paid, and all the money went to charity. They actually did work together, for real, to stay hydrated and catch fish. They even pitched the idea themselves to the Discovery Channel. A statement released by Flake and Heinrich explains their intentions:

“Both of us know just how frustrated people are with Washington right now….no one is more frustrated than those of us trying to get things done in this environment. We recognize how difficult it can be to cut through the partisanship. So we decided to do something completely out of the ordinary…to show the world and our colleagues that even if you have serious differences, if you want to survive you have to work together.”-via The Wall Street Journal.

Duck Dynasty this is not. Nor is it on Bravo. This is probably the only reality show that has a true purpose. A cause. The opportunity for CSPAN to stop being lame. Know more.