The Ig Nobel Prize is a coveted award. It is sought after by mad scientists, eccentric PhD candidates, and anyone else (Even you!) who has made a discovery in the sciences, with an odd twist. Legally, of course-sorry, people who take pride in their nitroglycerin-chlorophyll hybrid. Your exploding plants are winning the Homeland Security Silver Handcuff Award.

Sponsored by The Annals of Improbable Research, The Igs take place Harvard University. Yes, that Harvard. The point of the award is to honor research that makes science both fun and thought provoking. Like this years winners, Dr. Sonal Saraiya and her team from Michigan. While some uncover leaps, Dr. Saraiva and company uncovered an, um, bigger leap.

They figured out how to stop nosebleeds. And it doesn’t involve blowing your nose until the clot comes out. Dr. Saraiva and her crew found that cured pork, stuffed up the nose, can stop the bleeding.

Actually, this method is quite useful, and potentially lifesaving. If you have a small child with a ‘life threatening nosebleed’ (That’s a bad thing, since kids don’t have a lot of blood), you don’t want him or her to die in such an embarrassing fashion. By keeping some pig meat in the fridge, you could save them. By stuffing it up their nose. So, be careful that you don’t, um, suffocate them with pork. Totally embarrassing.

With a quick trip to the supermarket, you can be a hero. When someone has a nosebleed. And make them look foolish like a fool with a liberal arts degree. Know more.