Some people like to drop fat stacks of cash on cars, others enjoy jewelry, and one Chinese man sprung $36 million for a teacup. Liu Yiqian is a collector and scored a 15th century, Chengua era teacup at the recent Sotheby auction in Hong Kong. I will say that the cup is incredibly detailed and in pristine condition for being 600 years old.

While Liu will relish this cup, it has its flaws. It can only hold three sips of tea, which is all I ever want if I’m getting down on some strong oolong or jasmine. Porcelain from the Chengua era also has a reputation for being faked. If he spent $36 million on something that an old granny made in a tourist shop, well, Liu better get ready to enjoy his 28 million frequent flyer miles he racked up with this purchase. He’ll be able to circumnavigate the globe if he wants to. He may even go farther than that.

He gained these miles because he paid for the cup on his American Express card. After just 24 card receipts, due to transaction limits, Liu owned the “Chicken Cup.” The cup gets its name from the rooster, hens, and chicks, which represent the emperor, the empress, and their subjects. Liu is placing the cup in a private museum. Know more.