Romantic relationships don’t always pan out, but there are some that stand the tests of time. For instance, take the skeleton couple that has been holding hands under the dirt for over 700 years. Maybe times were easier back in the 14th century and there were fewer things to argue about. The perils of modern technology weren’t invading relationships and having affairs may have been easier. A well-constructed, believable lie cut out suspicion. One partner wasn’t spying on text messages or hacking Facebook accounts. Those were the good old days.

The Leicester couple was found near the Chapel of St. Morrell, but archaeologists from the University of Leicester have found couples buried together at that chapel before. The archaeologists believe the 2000 year old burial site to be a sacred place. But happy couples aren’t the only interesting discovery at the chapel.

Roman tiles from a building were discovered, which is interesting given that the church is from medieval times. These tiles are an amazing find, but the archaeologists remain puzzled about the 500 year gap between the fall of the Roman Empire and the dawn of the Middle Ages. Know more.