Nope, this isn’t a gag story! Isn’t it annoying when you have somewhere to be, and you can’t get around those person lollygagging in front of you as they snapchat, twitter, facebook, and text on their phones? Well, if you’re willing to move to China, then annoyance no more!

The Chinese city of Chongqing has created a walking lane specifically for people who would rather look at a screen than participate in real life. There’s already a varied amount of criticism coming in with some people saying that it’s just a tourism attraction, and others wondering why a lane for hypnotized addicts is the closest one to traffic.

In my opinion, they made the cell phone lane the closest one to traffic on purpose. Think about it – it’s perfect. You take all these people that are truly wastes of space because they never look up from their phones, and say, “Hey! Look what we did for you! Just walk right here!” Then, if they happen to wander into oncoming traffic, you just say, “Oh, how unfortunate!” and that’s just one less idiot with a phone to deal with. Genius. Know more.