The archaic ruins, impressive architecture, and Tuscan countryside of Italy are entrancingly beautiful. Italy’s neighboring island of Capri is equally, if not more, splendid. The stacked, shell-white, cliff-side houses overlooking the ocean remind me of the classic houses on Santorini in Greece. Then again, the Romans did rob the Greeks of their ideas and call it their own.

One of the biggest tourist attractions on Capri is Via Krupp, a switchback footpath that slithers up the cliff. Expansive ocean views every step of the way make the 100 foot climb well worth it. Although the path, which leads down to a secluded cove, is breathtaking, it has a naughty history.

Friedrich Alfred Krupp, a wealthy German, commissioned the path in 1900. Krupp wanted easy access from the hotel to his marine biology vessel, which was anchored in the cove. Seems logical and in no way naughty. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Krupp orchestrated orgies with the youth of Grotta di Fra Felice. A secluded footpath was all Krupp needed to fulfill his wildest dreams, literally.

Word got around about his orgies and he was found out in 1902, and was ultimately banished from the island forever. In the late 70s, a devastating landslide closed the path, but 30 years and $30 million later, the footpath opened in 2008 and has been flooded with tourists. No orgies have been reported. Know more.