In case you lost sight of the drug-consuming, addicted culture we have become, here’s one more thing to remind you. I introduce to you, Le Whif (how very French), which is the new inhalable way to intake your cup of coffee. David A. Edwards, a Harvard professor, combined two of the most complementary acts in history: smoking and drinking coffee. With Le Whif, it’ll really feel like the drug of caffeine is entering your system.

We’ve all had a case of the sleepies, but sometimes a cup of joe doesn’t always seem like it’ll do the trick; and you don’t want to poison your body with a chemical-filled energy drink. With one hit of Le Whif, you’ll be good to go like Taco Bell. Hey, if you want to take a hit of coffee and a hit of the ganja, “It’ll knock you out and keep you going at the same time,” as President Bush said in Harold and Kumar: Guantanamo Bay.

One Le Whif is about the size of a lipstick tube and is biodegradable, which means that you don’t have to fret about wasting coffee cups anymore. The best thing about this, for all you people with smoking paranoia, is that the particles do not enter the lungs. The particles enter the mouth and follow the natural inhalation pattern.

Perhaps Le Whif will catch on, but going to get a cup of coffee is pretty ritualistic. Will patrons of Starbucks resist the futuristic way of getting an energy boost? Know more.