JBU game

I went through a couple of online blogs and was thrust into an opposing position of a girl who claims crumpling her toilet paper makes her a more resounding member of society than those who fold their TP. With this, I say, “no”. I say, “no,” to this naive, naive little girl. Fact is, crumpling up your toilet paper is for the birds. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me because I, as a folder, will simply make this about logistics.

When you spill milk on the counter, do you crumple your paper towels? Of course not! Do you expect a crumpled up piece of paper towel to adequately wipe up your spills, or do you clean up your messes with a neatly folded water reciprocal? The opposing argument is an asinine position to defend.

When cleaning your ass up, if it’s not folded neatly, the whole job is done hastily. It’s a handsy mess. The girl is making a mockery of the toilet procedure, so just cut the bullshit and join the side with the butter on top (little Dr. Suess reference for the kids). Until then, please, stay away from our side of the wall. Know more.