When it comes to public restrooms, women get the short end of the stick. That is, until modern technology came along. No more questionably thin, ill fitting paper covers over toilet seats at gas stations. No more half squats in the dirty, unsanitary porta potties at music festivals. No more crouching behind the bushes to keep other from seeing your bush during a camping trip. Stanford University grad Sara Grossman presents: Stand Up.

stand up like a man

You’d expect nothing less from a Stanford graduate. Innovative. Exceptional. Mind blowing… it would’ve been had it hit stores in 2005. That’s when the P-Mate, a similar disposable device, came out.

A quick search on Amazon also brings to light the Go Girl, another device that can be reused, though I’m not sure you’d want you purse smelling like fresh piss. It’s probably best to ditch it after one use.

What’s brilliant about these is not what they can do, but the advertising possibilities! Imagine, as you empty your bladder of the latest round of cocktails and beer, you’re staring straight at a Heineken logo. Perhaps that’s what you’ll be tempted to order next?

I’ll give Stand Up credit for having a trendier look, something you probably wouldn’t mind pulling out in line for the next open stall urinal with a girlfriend, but it’s the farthest thing from an invention or innovation. Once again, a Stanford grad gets free press for d0ing absolutely nothing except having “Stanford” on a four-year diploma. Know more.