Everybody always wants to look good, and we like our fruits and veggies to be on par with our dashing images. Nobody wants to be caught with produce that looks like the slimy Xenomorph that burst out of Sigourney Weaver’s stomach in Aliens. The sight of a misshapen orange or dirty, multi-legged carrot (hey, it’s going to have dirt on it if it comes out of the fucking ground) repulses people. I have a secret for all you “ugly” produce haters: “ugly” fruits and veggies taste just as juicy and delectable as the pretty ones.

Because we have high standards for the produce we buy, supermarkets won’t buy anything less than the crème de la crème. Any fruit with the vague resemblance of a growth or odd bulge gets tossed out. This, sadly, is why over 300 million tons of food is wasted per year. What about those starving folk in developing countries who are in desperate need of sustenance? Do you think they would mind squatty apples or slightly browned bananas? I’m willing to wager that they wouldn’t.

An admirable supermarket in France is changing the way we think about these grotesque-looking fruits and veggies. By selling them in soup or smoothie form, the supermarket’s clientele is able to realize that there is no taste difference compared to the pretty fruits. When people had this revelation, they bought out the entire section of the “ugly” fruits. Know more.