Is your cholesterol high? Do you want to get buff without taking steroids? Are you feeling sad, but can’t bring yourself to obtain anti-depressants? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you turmeric. This plant has been around for years and scientists have only recently discovered that it has bonafide, medicinal properties. I’m talking blood thinning properties people!

Turmeric, for the layman, is a spice that is most often used in Indian food. Ever wondered why you feel happy when you eat Indian food? Now you know, because turmeric has anti-depressant properties. Additionally, it favorably compares to oxaliplatin, the chemotherapy drug. Maybe that’s why cancer patients seem relieved after consuming chicken tikka masala.

This is not breaking news, people; we Westerners are just late to the party. Turmeric has been used in other cultures to fight off cancer cells because curcumin, the saffron-colored pigment, tops chemo or radiation therapy. Before you have to start using a large amount of turmeric to ward off ailments diabetes, incorporate turmeric into your weekly diet. It’ll relieve some tension if body parts are inflamed due to it being as effective as ibuprofen, aspirin, or dexamethasone. If it sounds hard to pronounce, it is probably some heavy duty shit, but don’t ruin your liver with those drugs, use turmeric!

Warning: Regularly consuming Indian food with most likely end in diarrhea. This article is not responsible for any and all cases of stomach pain or bowel movement issues. Know more.