The Brazilian town of Noiva de Cordeiro is populated by about 600 women.

Like a fantasy come true for the men in the neighboring towns, they are known for their beauty and youth. Their ages range from 2o to 35, and many of them would love to find a good man to start a family. But after a power hungry man took over the town from 1940 to 1995, men are strictly banned for good.

The town was founded in the 1890s by excommunicated and abandoned women, and it became a safe haven for any woman seeking a safe and fair place to live. Then, in 1940, there was this Catholic pastor, Anisio Pereira, who married a 16-year-old girl in the town.

Naturally, he moved in, and being a pastor, he need a place to preach.

He quickly set up a church, which he assumed gave him the authority to impose new rules, so he banned women from using birth control, drinking, having anything to do with music, and cutting their hair. The women, for the most part, complied.

He remained the only man in the town until 1995, which is when he passed away. Immediately, the ladies of the town banned men for good, once and for all, again. They remain rather skeptical of men these days. Know more.