No, this is not where Dave Chappelle was hiding out over the years. Loveland Castle, which stands tall in Symmes Township, was hand-built by Harry Delos Andrews over the course of fifty years. With a can-do attitude and a shitload of milk cartons, Andrews began construction in 1929 on land that was donated to him. That property was home to many Boy Scout camping trips for little Harry, and it was during those nights in the woods that he thought up the idea to erect a castle.

In the preliminary stages, Andrews used stones from the river bank, but quickly ran out. By pouring concrete into cardboard milk containers, he created bricks to build the castle. He willed Loveland Castle to the Boy Scouts when he died in 1981. He caught fire while burning trash on the castle’s roof and there have been reports of his ghost walking around the roof and relaxing in the dining hall in the second floor.

Andrews’ ghost isn’t the only spirit haunting the castle. Three other ghosts hang around the castle grounds, but that’s normal for a an old, Medieval-looking castle, right? An interesting frog-like humanoid, which lurks in the woods, has also been reported multiple times since the first sighting in 1972. Apparently, he has yellow, glowing eyes, holds a wand that shoots sparks, and leaves a trail of almond scent in his path. Whether that is true or not, Loveland Castle is a popular summer destination for many Ohio travelers. I mean, aside from a cool amusement park and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Ohio residents or visitors don’t have much else to see besides the castle. Know more.