What with the ebola panic, some people (the tinfoil hat set) are speculating that the possibility of a zombie apocalypse is real. Just ask the good folks over at Zombie Safe Area.

Now, The United States government is a lot of things. There’s a lot of gridlock, shady back room deals, and Kevin Spacey. The US kinda sucks when it comes to immediate action in the face of disaster. For instance, Katrina.

But The United States doesn’t fuck around when it comes to the unholy reanimation of the dead. That’s why it has an entire, government approved, detailed plan for dealing with a zombie disaster. The first sentence? “DISCLAIMER: This plan was not actually designed as a joke.”

Ok, there’s a downside. For all you guys and gals with your sawed off shotguns cocked and the canned meat stocked, the rest of the paragraph goes into the reason the plan exists-it’s a popular training exercise for dealing with a situation where the government breaks down. Anarchy. Even though a true anarchist wouldn’t care.

You have to hand it to them, because it’s pretty creative and informative. Creative in the sense that “Space Zombies” are a thing, in the eyes of the US government. Informative in the sense that it actually has some pretty neat advice for getting society back to normal as quickly as possible, informing the public, and being generally level-headed.

So, the exact opposite of every character on The Walking Dead. Totally a 28 Days Later Situation. But carrying out the plan would require someone closer to Ash from The Evil Dead. Know more.