In the city of DC, there is turmoil. In the hallowed halls of the senate, acne prone interns answer phones trying to get college credit. John Boehner has proposed a motion clarifying his name is not “boner”. Barbara Boxer is rolling her eyes in her seat. Marco Rubio is secretly watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on his phone. Other elected officials snicker because the speaker of the house said “boner”.

Chaos. A lone man steps up. Dressed in a black suit, he opens his mouth. The chamber is silenced.

Patrick Leahy is the hero America deserves, just not the one it needs…unless Obama and Biden both cannot fulfill their duties.

Who is Patrick Leahy, and why should you care? Well, he’s a little something called the President pro tempore, or President pro tem for short. Basically, if Obama is somehow incapacitated and Biden is passed out at a kegger, Leahy steps up and runs the free world.

He seems unassuming, maybe like your grandpa.

But he stared down one of Gothams most feared villains, and lived to tell the tale. Patrick Leahy, democrat from Vermont, stood up to The Joker.

Leahy is a huge Batman fan. Even though he’s more of an Alfred than a Bruce, the pro tem has some mad geek love for The Caped Crusader. So much so that he was in The Dark Knight. The blockbuster movie. RIP Heath.

The clip shows the scene at the party, where The Joker breaks in and asks for Harvey Dent. Like, in a super creepy way. Worst uninvited guest ever.

The Joker goes down the room, just kinda asking for Dent, and gets all up in everyones grill. But when he gets to Leahy, some serious shade is thrown by the pro tem:

“We’re not intimidated by thugs.”

Then The Joker pulls a knife and starts talking about his daddy. It escalates pretty quickly after that.

Batman has a legion of fans, from second graders to engineers to frat guys to super cool writers/bloggers. A politician with that much devotion to The Bat, going as far as scoring a part in the mind-blowing film, should skip straight to president. Obama took a picture with Superman, so he’s out. Biden is seems like he’d be down with The Flash-he basically is Barry Allen, after all. The rest of them probably like Aquaman, and no one likes Aquaman.

Back to the chamber. The “boner” resolution is put on hold. All wait with baited breath. Leahy speaks in a husky voice:

“Your name is Boner. Deal with it.” Know more.