Feeling deflated, limp, dare-I-say flaccid about your average-sized manhood? Well, perk up because a recent study showed that men with bigger dicks have a greater chance of dissatisfying their women sexually, leading their boos to look for more humble escorts to take them to pound town.

A recent study involving interviews with over 500 Kenyan couples confirmed that women were less enthusiastic about having sex with their large counterparts due to associated pain and discomfort. Quite simply, females reported that sex was less enjoyable when men were attempting to fit a rather large peg through a small hole.

I know these findings could be rather shocking for all the men out there who have grown old with the logic of bigger = better, so feel free to sit down if your world as you know it is crumbling. In the end it really isn’t about bigger boats, but more about average-sized boats rocking the motion of the ocean. Know more.