People come from all over the world to see Times Square in New York City. People come from all over New York City to hustle the people who want to see Times Square.

Such was the case of Spiderman. After taking a picture with a woman, he asked her for a slight increase in the fee they originally agreed on. Hey, fighting The Green Goblin isn’t cheap-that guy has a hoverboard!

The woman alerted a police officer, and he stepped in. Always polite to law enforcement, Spider Man told the officer to “Mind [his] own [explicit] business!”.

The officer asked Spiderman to identify himself. When the arachnid hero did not, the officer began to arrest him.

That’s when Spider Man, defending NYC from the corrupt officer, took a swing and threw a punch for justice.

The webslinger was taken to jail.

Spiderman isn’t the only Times Square mascot to be under fire. Other incidents with the costumed set have driven the city to consider regulating them. After all, Super Mario groped a woman-and that really offended Princess Peach.

As for Spider Man, The New York Post aquired a video of the brawl (watch it above). Justice. Know more.