Democrat leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky called to close all McDonald’s restaurants in Russia. A recent poll was conducted and about 62% of the respondents wouldn’t mind giving the greasy fast food tycoon the boot. Younger Russians were less inclined to see the golden arches vanish from their country. It perplexes me as to why these young Big Mac and McRib lovers (although I highly doubt that the McRib of all menu items made it to the land of pirogues and vodka) don’t want McDonalds ousted.

As of recent, three McDonald’s restaurants closed in Russia. Respondents who wanted McDonald’s restaurants to close would rather that US fast food chains be replaced by cafes or food places serving domestic cuisine. When the gates of the golden arches opened, however, most Russians found it more affordable than local food establishments. It was 1990 and McDonald’s was a healthy injection of American capitalism into the disintegrating Soviet Union.

Hormone injected burgers and fattening shakes could be harming the health of Russians, but also the relationship between Washington DC and Moscow. The relationship is at an all time low, almost as bad as it was at the end of the Cold War. Russians have identified that McDonald’s food is, in truth, not that great for you. I’m not sure how it took 24 years to discover that mystery, but Federal Consumer Protection Services has deemed ingredients in certain McDonald’s items illegal.

Turns out the Filet of Fish and McDouble don’t provide ample nutrition. In fact, there is really no nutritional value present on the menu. Infuriated by this, Russians have claimed McDonalds to be a mighty deceiver to the people. I support the closing of McDonald’s restaurants, but Russians have to really think about never eating those salty, crunchy fries or chocolate dipped ice cream cones ever again. Just food for thought, Russia, literally. Know more.