He’s half man. Half machine. Annihilating the scum who terrorize the innocent. The hero Detroit deserved in the 1980’s. The hero Detroit needs now.

Robocop, PhD. Come to class quietly or there will be…a few points off of your grade, because others would like to learn.

Peter Weller decided that, after a mediocre career post-Robocop, to pursue higher education. He decided on Renaissance art history after spending some time in Florence, Italy. Not on vacation, but as a student of Syracuse University-where he earned his masters degree. How many grad students can put “Cyborg Law Enforcement Official” on their CV? None.

His dissertation must have really kicked ass, because in 2007, Weller began his PhD in Italian Renaissance art history at The University of California, Los Angeles. He taught classes, worked among other professors, and held office hours. Office. Hours. You could freely drop by and say hi to Robocop. And converse about the intricate details Michelangelo rebelliously put into The Last Judgement.

Weller was dedicated, unlike other celebs (Looking at you, James Franco) who went into the academic world. He said to Wired, “I’ve always followed my passions,” Weller says, “even when it didn’t seem to make much sense.”

On August 2nd, 2014, Robocop told the audience at a Star Trek convention that he had earned his doctorate.

He’s not just a student though! Weller hosted the History Channel show Engineering an Empire. Unlike literally every other show on that channel, Weller was not some wackadoodle claiming that Rome was built by aliens, or to show blurry footage that Bigfoot is for real. Robocop don’t play that way. You learn how the Colosseum was built by people, not how it was dropped there by the little green men.

Robocop, PhD-the two most beautiful words in the English language. Know more.