Premium Rush is about Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a more dramatic version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but on a bike going very, very fast. That’s the entire film.

The manic pixie dream guy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, acted in something that wasn’t 500 Days of Summer. He also managed, on the set, to get hit by a real, New York City cab.

PRemium Rush

Gordon-Levitt, preparing for his role in the latest ‘Sin City’ movie, told the story to The Daily Beast:

“I got 31 stitches once when I was working on the movie Premium Rush…the aftermath of that accident is actually in the movie. I was bleeding all over the place. It was part my fault because I was going too fast on the bicycle, but we were also shooting in New York City where the United Nations is, and there are all these diplomats in town who don’t have to obey the traffic laws.

So we had all the cones set up to block off a few city blocks and get our shot, and some diplomat just busted through our lock-up and double-parked right where we were headed, so I ended up going through the rear windshield of a taxi cab. Thankfully I got my hands up in time so I broke the windshield with my elbows instead of my face.”

Joseph was in good spirits after, not to worry. He even interviewed while profusely bleeding.

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