Anthony Stallard does not need to be summoned via Ouija board. Anthony Stallard shows up to haunt people at his own volition.

However, Mr. Stallard, unlike many denizens of the supernatural realm, is very much alive and very much a lunatic.

While playing soccer in a cemetery (red flag, right there), Mr. Stallard noticed some mourners. Because it was a graveyard, and the only mourning done at a soccer field occurs post-riot.

This is where Mr. Stallard can either be seen as insane or as an asshole. Acting like a five year old, he “flapped his arms about in a cemetery, making ghost noises.” What constitutes as a ‘ghost noise’ is “Woooooooo!”, and not “I will eat your soul.” Oh, well.

Mr. Stallard was given a fine to pay. I hope the magistrate brought in a boombox and played the anthem that scares the spirits straight every time. Know more.