In the lauded film xXx: State of the Union, Ice Cube had a good day when he successfully escaped an army barrack via helicopter.

Cube may be an OG and all, current career moves aside, but there are cases where criminals jumped into a chopper and (probably) made obscene gestures at the guards as they flew away.

In order from major wins to epic fail, here are a few of the most fantastic stories of escaping the clink with a chopper.

Pascal Payet, three time champ:

France has had bad luck with prison escapes-take what happened over at The Bastille. Well, in 2001, Pascal Payet took exception to being thrown in la prison. He called a homie, and got away in a helicopter. Remained free for a while.

Being the altruistic person that he is, Pascal paid it forward in 2003. Using a helicopter, again, he landed in a prison yard. He was there for his buddies-a true ami, right there.

Sadly, he was caught this time. In 2007, though, his buddies-again, paying it forward-broke him out of the slammer. For irony or symbolism-it on Bastille Day.

Well, Payet is now behind bars. Helicopters have been declared contraband.

Vassilis Paleokostas, two time champ:

Vassilis Paleokostas escaped the same prison twice. In Greece. Where the politicians fight each other on live TV. Little rich, locking up a dude who robbed banks and gave the cash to the poor. Well, the kidnapping part cancels that out, to some extent.

The first breakout occurred in 2006. The guards didn’t think a guy with military weapons and a helicopter was a danger-they assumed it was a typical visit from prison inspectors. Seriously, get it together Greece.

In 2009, Paleokostas was behind bars again. Again, he escaped via helicopter. It took him four minutes. Automatic weapons were involved.

He has not been caught. Greece continues to be an embarrassment.

Ben Kramer, epic fail:

Kramer decided to break out of a Florida prison in 1989. Like many things from Florida, this turned out to be a bad idea.

Kramer failed to understand that helicopters attract hella attention. Especially when there are other inmates chilling around it. The other inmates climbed into the helicopter. it crashed.

Yeah. Did not think that one out.

There you have it. Three cases of getting to the choppa. Know more.