In this interview with Stephen Colbert, Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla motors talked about building a spacecraft, the future of the electric car – of which Tesla is so famous for, and even about sending people to Mars. But the one thing we aren’t talking enough about is the fact Elon Musk says jetpacks are on their way.

Jetpacks! The future is here; get used to it! Could Elon Musk be in contention to create an electric powered jetpack?

Tesla Motors has changed the world of cars by creating those $100,000 electric powered new-classic cars that save the planet. If you haven’t heard of Tesla, they are very environmentally conscious (kind of) and Elon Musk has even come forward to say hewants to help the world’s air. So can there be such a thing as an air-safe electric powered jetpack?

When I think of jetpacks I think of fire coming out of one end to help you fly through the air. And where there’s fire, there’s gas engines, so it begs the question whether Tesla could change a bit of their stance of saving the planet for one product that guzzles gas for people’s enjoyment. Or maybe the genius of Elon Musk has created a plan to create air-safe electric-powered jetpacks. I’m not very sure what to expect, but when Elon Musk is involved – at least in recent times – you know there’s something bound to be ingenious. Know more.