Ladies. And. Gentlemen. Welcome. To. The circus.

I. I am. I am your lion tamer. Here. Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. That is how. You talk. to a lion.

If you didn’t read that in Christopher Walken’s voice, then either re-read it or watch his rendition of Poker Face by Lady Gaga. If you don’t know who Christopher Walken is, it’s astounding you got this far in life.

Walken is already perceived as eccentric. He’s known for playing ‘characters’. Check his filmography-his range as an actor is incredible.

He started out as a lion tamers assistant, in the circus. Not a waiter, not a bartender, not a typical Hollywood rags-to-riches career story. Christopher was snapping whips at fearsome felines while other people were laying on the casting couch.

He’s said that a lion is “Like a big dog”, in that:

“… you could pet her, and she would rub her head on you. I would come into the cage and wave my whip, and she’d kind of lazily get up and sit like a dog and maybe give a little bit of a roar.”

He says he took the job because he likes cats. Go figure.

Walken should really go back to that career on the side. It would all be worth it to hear him say “Wow” whenever the lion roared. Know more.