Cats are natural invaders. You welcome one into your home, and, within two weeks, that little cuddly furball is now dictating your every move. Clean the litter box. Feed me the nice cat food. Let me claw the furniture. Resistance is futile.

Now they have acquired an island, and learned how to use boats. Residents of Tonawanda Island, New York, are concerned. The cats outnumber them.

The kitty takeover has a sad origin story. People who stopped caring for their furry friend started leaving them behind or outright forgetting about them. That’s cold.

Of course, the cats began to breed. And breed. And breed. They are immune to the winter. The island is theirs, revenge on the shitty humans who abandoned them.

They’ve started an assault on the local marina. Residents are claiming that the felines have been found in their boats. One step for catkind to defeat the evils of water!

Rescue operations have been started in order to reduce the cat population on Tonawanda Island, which is a silver lining. The hope is that they’ll be adopted into a loving home. To start the cycle of training their new human. Know more.