Drunk Women

If you’ve ever envied the characters of Mad Men for drinking on the job, you should probably email this news to your boss right away. New research shows a direct correlation between drinking with co-workers and career success. Somebody! Dusf off the whiskey cart; we have “business” to do!

In Ontario, researchers interviewed 357 young Canadian professionals in their “natural drinking groups,” on the way to/from the the bar. According to the interviews, those that drink more during a night out tend to be doing better in their social and professional lives.

The magic number of drinks is about four to five. Any more, and you’re at risk for being the office drunk or perhaps the party’s blacked out child for the night. In other words, drink it up, but maintain control. Those individuals that can both work hard and play hard seem to be the most respected within their friends and co-workers.

Drinking on the job is also making a comeback, it seems, so it’s only natural that drinking off the job is a common denominator for co-workers as well. The employees at company Blood, Sweat and Cheers require alcohol at every brainstorm session as its founder swears by it. “Having beer on the conference table adds to a relaxed and fun air in our Think & Drink brainstorms,” says founder Jonathan Ages, “encouraging people to share their ideas more freely – making the meetings more productive and enjoyable.”

It seems that even if you don’t drink, to enhance creativity or at least remove the obstacles that prevent an employee from fully expressing that creativity, you’ll need to pick up a glass or two to keep up with your peers. But it’s not just about performance enhancement. Alcohol breaks down social barriers and inhibitors that prevent people from developing relationships that are closer and more honest. Keeping alcohol out of your life might also keep people out of your life, and in business, a relationship is the first step in starting any business deal.

All of this, however, brings up an important question to mind. If everyone and their boss is drinking it up, what if we’re all just a bunch of drunks with terrible ideas? If no one’s sober, who’s going to tell us that we suck when we do? Oh, that’s right, the potheads.

Seriously, who’s doing a study on in-office pot use? Quick, let’s get a team of researchers over at Dr. Dre HQ to test the effects of pot on success because I’d really love to see a basket of hash brownies and Bubba Kush grams by the whiskey cart one day… you know, because creativity, research or science or whatever. Know more.